[games_access] Super Mario Bros. Wii - "Super Guide" (aka DemoPlay) accessibility feature

Javier Mairena javier.mairena at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 02:20:57 EST 2009

I havent tried New Super Mario Bros, but I have read reviews about that and
the "super guide" is, once again, and option for casual gamer and not for

To activate it we should have died 8 times, and when the level start again a
box will appear asking us if we activate the "Super Guide";. Accepting see
how the game controls the character and progressing well, at any time we can
press a button and retrieve control of the character unable to return to
mode"Super Guide" again during this life at that level. In other words, you
can only activate this mode at the beginning of a level.

As accessibility option would have been better able to activate and
deactivate it at any time during the game and activate it as many times as
you want. As designed, if we want to use it, we must make the character die
thoroughly 5 times, use a "Continue" and lose 3 more lives.
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