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Definitely! Especially for me with my current health insurance


On Nov 17, 2009, at 5:42 PM, sheryl Flynn wrote:

> Thanks Michelle,

> this is GREAT news!!!


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> Hi all,


> For IGDA members in the US, I wanted to forward a new healthcare

> option that is going to be available to paying members. Here's the

> press release - Michelle


> The IGDA has long served game developers as a source of

> professional growth and industry advocacy. We are probably best

> known for providing a framework for networking and knowledge

> sharing through local chapter events and industry events like the

> IGDA Leadership Forum. However, as a professional association, it’s

> also incumbent upon us to support the community in direct,

> practical ways too, especially as we all work through this economic

> downturn.


> One of the biggest challenges facing independent and consulting

> developers particularly in the US is the skyrocketing cost of

> health insurance. Large corporations have the benefit of collective

> bargaining to help lower rates for employees, and so we are

> applying the same principles to deliver to you the benefits of

> group insurance, solely on the basis of your IGDA membership.


> Largely through the tireless and cheerful efforts of our dynamic

> new Executive Director Joshua Caulfield, we are incredibly proud to

> announce the IGDA Healthcare Program. The IGDA HP grants you access

> to the IGDA group account with Association Health Programs, a

> national US brokerage that negotiates and presents the best

> available insurance offerings from leading health insurance

> companies. Starting in January 2010, you will be able to connect

> directly with an account executive who will generate a set of group-

> negotiated healthcare options, for you to choose from. As January

> gets closer we will work to have more details and specifics about

> this program. In the meantime here is a starter FAQ we can share

> with you:


> Who can join the IGDA HP?


> Any IGDA Member in good standing is eligible for the IGDA HP.

> Regular membership dues are $48 per year, and hardship membership

> dues are $25 per year.


> Is the IGDA going to be my health insurance carrier?


> Not directly. The IGDA is working with Association Health Programs,

> a broker for many different insurance carriers across the US. By

> being an IGDA member you will gain access to group rate plans

> provided by national “A” rated carriers. Your health insurance will

> be through one of those carriers, and the IGDA HP should give you

> access to a lower rate than you would have if you were to obtain

> health insurance on your own.


> What will my health insurance cost?


> Since this will vary for each case, there isn’t an answer to that

> question yet. It will depend on a wide variety of factors and you

> will have to wait until the plan is running before you can see what

> the final cost is to you. You will have access to a group rate, so

> your cost should be lower than what you could obtain individually.


> Will I be excluded for pre-existing conditions?


> As with any group health insurance policy you should not be

> excluded for pre-existing conditions.


> I am an International member, when can I get health insurance?


> This plan is currently available for US members only. Most of our

> non-US members live in countries with nationalized health care

> systems so there is less need, or value in making this available to

> members in those countries. Following a successful launch of the

> program in the US, we would be interested in looking into this for

> other countries. If you would like to help with that process please

> let us know.


> Will dues increase as a result of the IGDA HP?


> No, the membership rate will remain the same. The IGDA HP is an

> optional benefit that US members can choose to take advantage of.

> Members will be fully responsible for paying their own health

> insurance premiums. The IGDA HP simply gives all members access to

> group rate plans.


> If you have any other questions please let us know or post them in

> the comments below and we’ll try to respond to them or get answers

> as we can.


> Finally, we thank you for your patience with us, while we’ve worked

> through some unexpected organizational issues. However, our main

> focus has been, and will continue to be, on empowering and

> improving the professional advancement of you, the game

> developer. We expect that the IGDA HP will be an effective

> example of this core goal, and we look forward to sharing a toast

> when we see you at the next IGDA event.


> To your health,


> IGDA Board of Directors



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