[games_access] AbleGamers Press Release On Joystiq

D. Michelle Hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 23 23:49:13 EST 2009

Well, a definite congrats on the coverage and the announcement!

However, I'm kind of pissed at Joystiq for their last sentence:

"In a show of support, Joystiq Publishing has sent over its highly
anticipated puzzle game, Is This Color Red or Green?. We reckon it's
at least a nine."

That was a cheap shot that they took in the final sentence of the
article, though I understand that they were trying to be funny
but...I guess I'm not super appreciative of that kind of thing. Just
my personal feelings. A shame that they put that in their article...a
few people remarked on that not finding it funny so I guess I'm not
totally alone.

Sorry...I just hate that kind of thing. Not raining on your
parade...I just hate that when accessibility gets covered, sometimes
people have to go there. It's not the fault of AbleGamers...just more
of a commentary of past inappropriate things being said to me and
others when we've explained the mission of game accessibility. Just
wish that they would have kept things away from having to make a joke
about a disability. I realize they probably meant to make fun of
companies that don't include correct that design issue but I'm not
sure that was exactly the right way to go about it.

Just my thoughts...


On Nov 23, 2009, at 7:13 PM, Steven Spohn wrote:

> Hello Fellow Sig Member,


> It's a great day for accessibility!! Joystiq has picked up our press

> release that showcases AbleGamers' first of its kind accessibility

> review

> section for MAINSTREAM video games. You can see the article on

> Joystiq

> http://www.joystiq.com/2009/11/23/ablegamers-launches-reviews-with-

> accessibi

> lity-in-mind/


> Here is the link to our press release on the Accessible Mainstream

> Review

> Section

> http://ablegamers.org/newsroom/5-press-releases/39-ablegamerscom-

> launches-fi

> rst-of-its-kind-video-game-review-section-with-accessibility-at-its-

> core.htm

> l


> Although not the first time AG has made it onto Joystiq, judging by

> most of

> the 70+ comments on the story, this may be one of the most

> important times

> we have made the esteemed video game centric publication. Most of the

> comments have been positive and we really appreciate that.


> Steve Spohn

> Associate Editor

> www.AbleGamers.com


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