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Welcome, Sheri!

A few of us are SIG cross members -- I'm in Loc, Women in Games (Also an advisory board member), Sexuality, Indie (although we're rebooting!), Writers and then I chair this SIG. One of these days I'm going to get on one of the IGDA Committees -- trying to help get Diversity back off the ground but we're not getting very far. Maybe you can help put in a good word that there are people interested but we can't get anyone's ear? I think only a board member has to sponsor a committee but maybe that's something we can discuss off list! :)

I'm also Vice President of the AbleGamers Foundation (the non-profit wing of AbleGamers.com) and do independent design consulting. I'm also an academic so I'm all over the place as well! You'll find that our SIG has quite a variety of people representing all sorts of groups and research labs. So I hope you'll feel welcome here.

Please let us know if there are any issues in particular you'd like to learn about. We're a pretty casual group so fire away with questions. I/we can also send you papers, etc off list (because the list freaks out whenever when try to post anything). Like everyone in the IGDA and every SIG...we've been waiting for the new technology to get on board for either 3 or 4 years now (it's been so long, I forget!). So our work is spread all over the place. That's why I thought of the directory project that would help people find all of our groups and other groups.

Again, welcome!

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> Hello Game Accessibility SIG Members,


> My name is Sheri Rubin and I run my own contracting

> and consulting business called Design, Direct,

> Deliver. You can find out more about my company and

> me here: www.designdirectdeliver.com/about.php.


> IGDA wise I'm on many SIGs: Quality Assurance SIG

> (I'm the Chair and Founder), Sexuality In Games SIG

> (Founder), Women In Game Development SIG (Advisory

> Board), Alternate Reality Games SIG, Casual Games

> SIG, Education SIG, Flash SIG, Game Accessibility

> SIG (now!), Human Resources SIG, Game Design SIG,

> Online Games SIG, Production SIG, Quality of Life

> SIG, Programmers SIG, and Writing SIG.


> I'm also on the Programs and Memberships Committee

> and the Voter Guidance Task Force and I'm getting

> involved with the local Orange County Chapter for

> the IGDA.


> I'm excited to be here and learn more about the

> accessibility needs of gamers and developers and how

> game accessibility can affect the industry as a

> whole.


> Thanks!

> Sheri

> --

> Sheri Rubin

> CEO/President


> Design, Direct, Deliver

> Website: www.designdirectdeliver.com

> Email: sheri at designdirectdeliver.com



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