[games_access] SIG Meeting! skype?

hinn at illinois.edu hinn at illinois.edu
Tue Sep 22 17:38:04 EDT 2009

We have tried Skype before -- the trouble is that for anyone with a hearing disability and/or trouble with speech or speaking in another language, the voice stuff doesn't help.

I'm open to using something other than MSN -- you can save conversations in Skype, correct? I mean text conversations? I'm thinking that we'll need to just reply on the text chat until we know more about how accessible things are on that platform.

Don't forget, everyone, to send me your schedules. Right now it looks like we have a couple days that work for everyone so far so that's a good start!


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>Subject: [games_access] SIG Meeting! skype?

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>Hello all,


>I think "database of game accessibility resources online with descriptions" is a very good start!

>That would give everyone a great overview about resources. And maybe we can find new members :-)


>One question about the "meeting-system":

>What do you think about skype?


>Best regards,






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