[games_access] Website Update!

Tara Tefertiller ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org
Thu Dec 2 14:40:11 EST 2010

Hey Everyone,

Sorry that it has taken so long for me to give updates on the website. I've
been busy and then Thanksgiving hit and I was out of town and such. Anyway,
I've been doing work on it, and gotten a decent amount done. Right now there
are still a lot of place holder text, but it's better than nothing.

It's now time for you guys to help me fill the rest of the content. I have
the info for the communities and additional websites- I just need to put it
in, so no worries there. I need you guys to help me decide what needs to go
under How to/About Game Accessibility and Success Cases and Examples. I have
some info for success cases and examples, but more is never a bad thing and
I think this area needs a lot of good info.

Right now the layout is just sort of a test layout and such hasn't had the
final tweaks. If you have some comments on it, please feel free to send it
to me, but now my main goal is flushing out the rest of the content. Once
all the content is in place I will go back and adjust the look and layout
and everything like that.

Also, do we want to keep the current banner or are there any artist who feel
like making a new one?

Anyway, here it is! The New IGDA GA SIG Website! <http://igda-gasig.org/>

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