[games_access] Language Overview

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Thu Dec 16 05:56:24 EST 2010


It would be great to have an overview:

1. Language of the Menu
2. Region (but for what purpose is this? Age rating, ...?)
3. Language of the Game
a) Audio Language
b) Sound Alternative Language (e.g. subtitle)
4. Speech Recognition
a) only recorded and play black (no special language needed)
b) Player can record the command (e.g. Tiger name) (no special
language needed)
c) predefined commands (one or more predefined languages)

It should be possible to select each language independent of the others
(Of course only when it is available)

It looks like that 4.c is matched to 2.
I am Region Germany, so no Speech Recognition is available,
also when I could use the English one?

It looks like that 1 and 2 are already independent.
But I do not know what purpose 2 has.

And at the end: all settings should be checked and compared with the manual
information :-)

Note: Subtitle Settings
Maybe a setting subtitle on or off as console setting could be useful?
At the moment the gamer has to watch the great introduction and then
in the menu activate subtitles. That is not very nice.
(Of course it should be possible to change it in a game, and ignore the
console settings)

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