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Hi all,
I want to express my opinion because many of you are doing that :)

I'm sorry, i want to be hard with game developers xD
And I am a game developer!! (coder)
But I think we are here to say all the truth and not to exclude a group of
people who are already in a excluded group.

I understand Mark, he wants to encourage the industry and not to punish
them. But I want to be realistic as he said he is realistic knowing he cant
do some things because his disability; as the same way, me as developer, I
have to be realistic and know that is really hard to make a videogame
accessible, and fully accessibility is impossible in a commercial game.

there are different points of view... but is the same cause...
so... keep working!! ;)

2010/2/10 Mark Barlet <mark at ablegamers.com>

> Barrie,


> /start random rambling


> I know we have had this discussion off list in the past. I agree that the

> game is not perfect for every disabled person out there. But one of the

> challenges AbleGamer has to come up with was what was a reasonable

> expectation for a MAINSTREAM game to have for accessibility. To your point "

> I know a lot of players who just can't grasp RPG's" to make a game that is

> accessible to those you call out would in turn make the game not a

> mainstream success that it has turned out to be. And if you want to argue

> inclusion before profit then I think we are all dreaming. As a gamer I am

> willing to accept that there are some things that I may not be able to play

> due to my disability, just like I accept that there are NON gaming tasks I

> am not able to do, but while I do not speak for the whole disabled gamers,

> the ones I know are would rather see a good game that they can not play than

> an okay game that they do not want to play.


> This is where I have always struggled with game accessibility in the

> mainstream space. There is a huge number of disabled people that are fully

> cognitive. They are in bodies that are less than ideal, but the cognitive

> side of the house is in order. With the technology that is out today there

> is no reason why MAINSTREAM games cannot be built to help that disabled

> population and still stay mainstream. DA proved it. That said, there is also

> this population of folks with cognitive disabilities, and the needs of this

> population is 180 degrees of what the other population needs to play and is

> a lot more complex to do even if you set out to do it, because many of these

> cognitive disabilities manifest themselves in SO MANY different ways. But

> even then DA did have one feature that is part of Michelle's top 10, and

> that is the ability to pause the game anywhere and do things. DA does that,

> and we called it out.


> I have had many conversations off list about mainstream gaming and

> universal accessibility, and to me, if that is where you want to set the

> bar, then the gaming industry will not be able to ever get over the top of

> it, and because the bar is so high and so counter to the art of making a

> blockbuster game, they will stop trying and move on. That is why AbleGamers

> has setup the review system as it has. I can run 100 feet if I have to, I

> can not run 500 yards if I wanted to... and I am not even going to try

> because I know I will fail, and why on earth would I set myself up for

> failure?


> That said, the bulk of the staff of AbleGamers is in fact disabled. Some

> more than others but 80% of the staff is disabled. We are working with folks

> on the front line of some of the independent gaming space to make sure that

> we cover and call out games that are less mainstream and more focused on a

> target audience. Look for some of that in the spring.


> Anyway way that is my 2 cents... I am sure it is worth far less.


> Oh and speaking of text size and my promotion of AbleGamers Mainstream

> Accessible Game of the Year,



> http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2010/02/no-fix-for-mass-effect-2-text-issue-could-have-been-avoided.ars


> Off given that BIOWARE makes both games... and ME2 only got a 5.0 on our

> review.

> http://www.ablegamers.com/pc/mass-effect-2.html


> /end random rambling



> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:37 AM, Sandra Uhling <sandra_uhling at web.de>wrote:


>> Hi Barrie,


>> that is one of the reason why we should always work in a team. :-)

>> Game Accessibility is very complex and sometimes confusing.


>> Usually it is not possible to make it accessible for all.

>> The only thing we can do is to reduce barriers and give feedback.


>> And this is something that works very well in this group.

>> I like it that the members help each other and give friendly feedback.


>> It would be great, when this would be the same with exergaming groups ;-)


>> Best regards,

>> Sandra


>> ************************************


>> Barrie wrote:


>> Thanks for the support, Joshua! We appreciate it.


>> I think Mark had done a great job promoting this article as I've seen it

>> all

>> over the place, and the IGDA mag is looking very nice. A great improvment:


>> http://www.igda.org/sites/default/files/February2010-IGDA_Perspectives.pdf


>> I do think there are some overblown (perhaps just over enthusiastic

>> statements) as regards the Dragon Age: Origin's overall accessibility,

>> such

>> as: "However, the relatively small font size was immediately addressed by

>> Bioware, bringing the number of accessibility problems to zero." and

>> "Orders

>> can be issued during the pause, allowing anyone to keep up with the game

>> no

>> matter the level of cognitive impairment.". I don't agree with those

>> statements as I know a lot of players who just can't grasp RPG's, couldn't

>> manage the control scheme, and some of whom wouldn't get on with the

>> graphics as they stand. However, I can't take away the fact that Mark is

>> making some waves and the push for greater accessibility is a good thing.

>> I'd say, good effort, but don't forget the niche-of-a-niche disabled

>> gamers.

>> Now how arrogant do I sound?!


>> Barrie

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