[games_access] Judge Tosses Blind Gamer's Suit vs. Sony

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Sat Feb 27 12:18:17 EST 2010

I give up on humanity. We are also stupid! Ever since my disability I
can't believe I realize how the game design industry is almost like a lost

I can't wait for the day to finally stick it to these stupid developers.

I hope my reply gets posted on that web site for that lawsuit report. I
didn't see it but this is what I wrote.

"I can't believe that human rights are so ignorantly ignored.

As human beings we think we are invincible and as soon as we get a scratch
or leg or an earthquake happens we freak out thinking the world is ending.

It makes sense that the online environment is a public place.

I'm a quadriplegic I am 28 years old and I've been fighting for equal rights
for videogames ever since I got my degree in video game art and design at
the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Yes I am one of the first half a degree in
game design. That's how serious we gamers with disabilities want a change.

It's ignorant and inhumane, disgusting its disgraceful and I can't believe
no one in this giant corporations like Sony doesn't have a child with a
disability or a disability themselves or fears that they might develop a
disability and not even be able to play their favorite games. It's a human
commonsense called the human condition.

People are so stupid especially the ones with power. Sony think they are so
smart. They only give a crap about money. Who doesn't right?

Some things just can't be changed we are corrupt as human beings naturally.
We haven't changed for thousands of years and the gaming industry seems to
be untouchable. As long as geeks and nerds get their rocks off no one cares
about anyone else.

Robert Florio




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I think this reflect the current view of games as entertainment; this will
change as games become platforms for public education. I'm working on such a
project in Sweden

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"Judge Tosses Blind Gamer's Suit vs. SonyIn October a visually-impaired
gamer sued Sony, alleging that it wasn't fulfilling its responsibilities
under U.S. law to provide access to the disabled. The reasoning depending on
finding that Sony's products constitute a public accommodation. A judge said
they aren't."


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