[games_access] ....and relax...

Barrie Ellis oneswitch at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 13:24:22 EST 2010

Sad to see this list taking a bashing which seems so unnecessary. I don't
want to get into flame-war nonsense as I feel completely secure with the
contributions made by the GASIG. No we're not as organised as we used to be,
but this e-mail list second to none in this field. I personally expect to
see this list continue to share positive news and continue to feed into the
Accessible Gaming movement.

I think we should perhaps show more pride in the IGDA GASIG SIG badge as
it's the only organisation that brings so many of us together. If we could
see this as an Umbrella organisation, our collective efforts are pretty damn
impressive. Sad that the bitterness at AbleGamers is leading to Mark
excluding them from this unity, as I personally would want all people with a
passion for the movement included. We just need to be decent to one another
and also not expect miracles (but not loose hope for them either).


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