[games_access] Fwd: How do blind people play games?

Javier javier.mairena at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 04:38:54 EDT 2010

Hi Tim,

Do you know www.audiogames.net?
It have an english forum.

or www.audiojuegos.net?
It have a spanish mailing list.

2010/7/1 Sandra Uhling <sandra_uhling at web.de>

> Hi Tim


> thanks,

> Dennis will put this short survey into Klango.

> A platform where lots of German blind people meet.


> I think German as language is also ok?


> Regards,

> Sandra


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> Got this one on the Blinux (Blind Linux users) mailing list and

> thought some folks on here might be able to help Mario with some

> basics.


> -tim


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> Subject: How do blind people play games?

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> Hi.


> I will be giving a talk at Libre Software Meeting 2010 in

> Bordeaux about the above mentioned topic. I do know some

> things but I am actually no hardcore gamer type of guy. So

> I was thinking that it would be very interesting to hear

> about your personal experiences so that I can avoid

> forgetting about really cool things. I should probably

> explain that this talk is in the context of a free software

> conference, but I am not really limiting myself to free and

> open source games only. This is not to promote non-free

> software, rather the contrary, I'd like to inspire people to

> maybe start working on free clones of the already existing

> ideas.


> So, if you are blind or visually impaired and you have

> played any kind of computer games in the past, please let me

> know about it. Was the game especially designed for your

> disability, or did you use any tricks to make it playable?

> If so, what tricks did you use? Or do you perhaps know of

> any (alive) open source project which is somehow related to

> gaming for the blind?


> Let me know about it. And please reply fast, I am in the

> middle of preparing the actual slides, so the earlier I get

> your story the more likely I will be able to weave it in

> properly.


> Thanks.


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