[games_access] New information about deaf gaming

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sun Jul 25 15:48:12 EDT 2010


I just chattet with a deaf gamer. He does eSport (playing in teams against
other gamers in tournaments).

We forgot the communication!
In eSport it is very important to communicate with your team.

Here are my notes:

* wish for separate configuration: e.g. sound off: own steps, steps of your
team and shooting sound of your team
* is it possible to increase the bass as an option?
* haptic feedback for important information
* additional present sounds alternative (as we already know)
* important additional information: distance, e.g. two groups are fighting,
which one is in the near?

* easy way to communicate
* text messages are possible but very slow
* they have a program: with a key they can send predefined messges
e.g. F1: Left, F2: middle, F3: right, F4: attack, F5: campen
* videochat would be great, but does not work at the moment (technical
* My idea: messages can be built through clicken on buttons with words- set
a new message together

Does someone know about the new idea of Valve for Half-Life3?
I did not understand it, when we talked about it. (Sign language)
Do they implement videochat?

Best regards,

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