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I agree with Brannon- being elderly is not a disability.
~Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD

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My two cents... I think "Elderly People" should be removed as a category. As we
age, we have various types of impairments become more likely... mobility (e.g.
arthritis), visual (e.g. glaucoma), auditory (e.g. hearing loss), cognitive
(e.g. memory loss), speech (e.g. impairment from stroke), etc. Not every elderly
person suffers from every one of these and some people who might be considered
elderly (70+) still are in amazing health.

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2 1/2 weeks left to the GDC-Europe/GamesCom. It would be great to have a Game
Accessibility Info Package. This means I have to check and update my notes. It
would be great when you all can help me. I am looking forward for your feedback!

It would be great to get also some help with my English.

# Categories:
I would like to have a list of two kinds of description/terms.
So when I write an article I will be more flexible.

How can someone be disabled: [viewpoint of designers]
* Visual
* Auditory
* Mobility
* Cognitive / learning [is there a main category for this?]
* Speech / linguistic
* Elderly people (Silver Gamer)

The disability is called:
* Visual disability
* Hearing disability
* Physical disability [or mobil disability?]
* Cognitive/ learning disability
* speech impediment [? But this is a technical word?]
* Mix

I decided to add two more categories:
Speech: Because voice recognition will be used more.
Communication is sometimes very important in Online/LAN Teamplay.
Deaf gamers often have trouble with this. This can also Be very useful for the
point of view of designers.
(Otherwise we would have to put it under mobility and cognitive??)

Silver Gaming: Often they have a mix of disabilities and usually they have age
related limitations.
A separate category shows that this is important And that there is a huge group.
Also it is more logical to Designer. (You know your grandmother, grandfather) It
is something most of the people have little experience with.

Best regards,

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