[games_access] Game accessibility survey journal article

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Jul 31 04:17:58 EDT 2010


the article is good. But I do miss up to date information.
I think it is a good start, but it need to be updated regularly in the
That would be great *dreaming*.

The Game interaction model is great. It helps to understand where the
problems are.
But there are some parts I do not understand:

1. receive stimuli
2. determine response
3. provide input

A blind person might receive stimuli via sound and he can determine
But when there is only a Visual interface with buttons, he cannot provide
I think a blind person can have problems with 1 and with 3.

A deaf gamer might receive stimuli and can determine response.
But when he has to provide input via voice, he can have problems.
So also here a deaf gamer can have problems with 1 and 3.

One solution could be to use this game interaction model for the final
It does not matter what results in "not being able to hear".
So "having problems to speak" would be another "barrier".

When someone wants to know what problems a deaf gamer has, he looks for:
"not being able to hear"
"having problems to speak"

When someone wants to know what problems someone without speaker has, he
looks for:
"not being able to hear"

We would not have a matrix: disability - problem. It would be much easier to
work with this.
And for other it will be much easier to understand. Also new knowledge of
disabilities can be
Easier updated.

It would be disability - barrier - problem.

I also do not understand the 3. Provide input part.
Is it only manual interface for input? Sometimes I think it is a combination
of visual/audio interface
and manual interface. The information your receive in 1 can differ from the
information needed in 3.

I also have problems to understand the order.
First you get information, then you decide what to do and then you do it.
But sometimes you need also for point 3 to receive input.

Maybe you get information, decide what to do, but you still need again some
information how to do it
And after this you do it. And while doing it you need also some information.

1. situation, 2. decision what to do, 3. Information how can this be done,
4. Decision how it will be done,
5. doing it (+information)

5. you want to click on a button, for this you need to see where the cursor
You need this information during your action.

Best regards,

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