[games_access] [CC] Tales of Vespernia

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Jun 5 09:09:27 EDT 2010


@Richard, the game Tales of Vespernia is great.
There are some very useful screenshots you can make.

Speech Ballons:
They use different shapes. I saw two types:
One oval for normal speech. And some with edges/spices for loud voice.
They also use speech ballons for ? and !

Who speaks:
They have the name of the speakers on the left top side of the speech
When they are talking so someone the name in the dialogue is in blue

They have a "forward"-button mode.
First the text is shown letter by letter, with button you can make this
And a second button push will go over to the next person speaking.

I personally would like this as an option.
Imagine you forgot to press the button and the screen is shown to long
With the same pictures. Sometimes it is also not fun, to have always press
The button. Imagine you play the second time and you know already the

The difference to winterfest is, that there is no button shown for the
"forward function".
They also have no repeat option.

Very Dangerous Situation:
There was only one very dangerous situation. There was a sound and the
screen was some kind of moved.

Another game:
I like the idea to listen to a certain language, but be free to select
another language as subtitle.
With "forward function" you can listen and when you do not get it, you can
read it. What do you think?

Best regards,

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