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Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Jun 5 16:39:59 EDT 2010

Hi Gökçe,

Welcome on list.

What is the original language?
I can help to translate it in German.

I do recommend to "test" it before.
Sometimes this can be very useful.

Sheryl did also a survey. Maybe she can send you her survey questions?
And maybe it would be nice to compare it?

Is the survey also for "silver gamer" (50+) ?

* You can ask at the games for health email list.
* I can ask a silver gaming group in Xing.
* www.ablegamers.com
* I do not the name of the "ablegamers" Canada,
What are they called know?
* http://www.accessibility.nl/games/index.php @Richard?
* www.audiogames.net @Richard?
* I can ask at gameport.blindzeln.de (german audio gamer)
* www.games4rehab.com @Sheryl?
* www.deafgamers.com (are they still active?)
* www.eldergames.org

Best regards,

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I'm a student at Game Technologies master's degree programme.
Currently I'm doing a research about game accessibility. I have
prepared a survey for disable people, asking about their thoughts on
video games, etc. If anybody would like to partipate in the research,
please let me know. I haven't translated the survey info English yet,
but will do if there are any volunteers. Feel free to ask me if you
have any questions.


Gökçe Komaç
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