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Thanks !

No problem .

Are you leaveing the group ?



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To Everyone:

First i would like to say if I offended any of you with my postings this
weekend I apologize. Secondly I want to thank everyone who responded to me
either personally or in this forum.

Lastly I would like to make a suggestion to this group. Your numbers maybe
small but as the old saying goes "there's strength in numbers". Why can't
this group do something as simple as (for lack of a better word) Adopt a
small independent hardware or software developer every three months and
collectively help this company with blog postings, emails to your contacts
about them, make suggestions on how they could improve their web site, etc.
Some of these companies have scrapped every nickel and dime they could get
their hands on to develop their product and more often than not when they
have a product they lack the funds to market it. This group collectively has
the power to help some of these developers. Like it or not the facts are
"the bottom line" is "the bottom line" and until some of these small
independents can show the big game developers that they can make their
products more accessible and also make their sharholders happy I don't see
these big companies changing anytime soon.

For the record I do speak with first hand experience in starting a company
from my basement. I have a second small company that develops Virtual
Reality software for children and adults with physical and cognitive
difficulties. I certainly wish that when I started that company 13 years ago
I had a group that I could have gone to for some help and guidance. I wish
all of you a happy, long, and successful life.


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