[games_access] Bodypad and Cyberike

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Wed Mar 3 08:50:04 EST 2010


I am trying out the Cyberbike and I remembered something.

The bodypad is an old controller that could be setup on the body of the
(separate buttons that could be put on arms and legs)
It works wirelss and the receiver at the PS2 is configurable.
You can configure all button with the existing PS2 Buttons.
It is also possible to set e.g. two buttons to x.

This was not because of accessibility reason.
It was the only possibility to support lot of games.

It looks like the Cyberbike is also configurable to support lot of games.
But at the moment I cannot read the manual. I have a dutch cyberbike.

Best regards,

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