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Hi Sandra,

A good stand would be one that touches upon the four different categories
that we commonly talk about as regards disability: physical, sight, hearing
and cognitive.

Audio Games (Sight related disabilities): I'd recommend demonstrating the
likes of WinPong (Kitchen's Inc.) or Space Invaders for Blind
(http://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=spaceinvadersfortheblind) which are
quite easy to grasp. May be worth having an A4 sheet of paper perhaps
mentioning Peggle's colour-blind option and the uniquely accessible "The
Pyramid" (http://www.pugfuglygames.com/Game.php?game=9) which has an option
to magnify game-play. Loads you could talk about.

Closed Captioning (Hearing related disabilities):
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed_captioning - scroll down to Games

Physical Disability: Could use a one-switch game. Could use a pure-mouse
game using a dwell-clicker. Could use an emulated game with controls reduced
using a utility such as 4Noah. Could use CPU Killer to slow a compatible
game down. I'd recommend keeping it simple though. Whacka-Monty Mole has a
one-switch, two-switch, mouse and click and mouse with auto-fire mode.
Available http://www.ovinebydesign.com/index.php/2009/01/01/whack-a-mole/ -

Cognitive Disability: Maybe something like Penalty!
http://www.priorywoods.middlesbrough.sch.uk/kidsonly/games/footy/footy.htm -
to take into account learning disabilities. This is a broad field so it
would be very tough to cover everything of course.

This is a simplistic break-down and is not comprehensive - but hope it's of
some help.

So in short - your original thoughts are great - but these might flesh them
out a bit more.



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> Hi all,


> the VDVC tries to get a stand on the non-profit area.

> This looks very good. Game Accessibility will be one topic.


> A stand for Game Accessibility alone did not work.

> I was the only who would be there, so I decided to make one stand

> together with the VDVC.


> Now I am looking for games that can be used to present Game Accessibility.

> * Terrestrial Invaders

> * GameOver!

> * maybe "My Football Game"

> * Some One Button Games

> * Some Audiogames


> Best regards,

> Sandra


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