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D. Michelle Hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 16 02:01:02 EDT 2010

Hey Sandra!

I agree -- game accessibility is not just for those with disabilities
-- so many things help improve the gaming experience for all! Thanks
for your thoughts on Prince of Persia!!


On Mar 15, 2010, at 10:11 AM, Sandra Uhling wrote:

> Hello,


> in Prince of Persia sound is very important.

> Besides a puzzle that was already mentioned,

> there is sound information for a special jump.


> There is a jump where you have to jump from one

> Wall to another and back ....

> This jump is very difficult. It helps to listen

> to the sound. There is a "paff" sound when you have to push the key.

> Without this sound I would not be able to play it.



> Also it would be great to have sometimes "timing-information".

> There are some games where it is important to push a key at

> a certain moment. Unfortunately you have to be able to get the

> timing right, otherwise you cannot win. It would be great to have

> a symbol or something counting down 3 2 1 click.

> Or to make it very very easy without timing.


> While playing I noticed that I want to join the story.

> I do not want to be able to make it in a hard difficulty.

> I am glad when I can finish it. One Prince of Persia

> I was able to finish only 2%.


> I am not disabled, but I have lots of difficulties to play such games.

> Game Accessibility is more than just thinking about disabled.

> It is also for "busy gamer" and "beginner"...


> Best regards,

> Sandra





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