[games_access] spinal cord therapy rehab Nintendo WII fit.

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Robert- you should check out our site...www.games4rehab.org and share it with
your therapists at KK!
~Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD

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Subject: [games_access] spinal cord therapy rehab Nintendo WII fit.

I was at therapy a spinal cord clinic in Kennedy Krieger Baltimore Tuesday.
They are using the Nintendo we fit to sit on and practice balance with people
using their videogames. Pretty cool. I get a photograph next time.
I'll add it to my web site. My web site needs more of that.

my autobiography is out a lot about the game accessibility also my life story
and artwork, meeting famous people crazy life after spinal cord injury but it's
It's on Amazon now.
Amazon link.



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Subject: [games_access] Netflix and Subtitles

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had heard any more additional information on

I've always been a huge fan of Netflix, love the instant queue and constantly
stream things to my 360. However, I had always been disappointed that they
didn't offer subtitles for streamed titles. Netflix had claimed on
their official blog that they were working on it, but it was taking time, and
would likely be out sometime in 2010.

Well,it's now 2010 and I saw an article on the soon to come update for the PS3
that claimed with the update you'd "get subtitles on some content as well," but
literally says one sentence about it. I was wondering if any one knew more about
this... which titles... how to turn them on and off... and so on. Part of me is
wondering if this site just through this in there with out fact checking because
I don't see any other mentions of subtitles being implemented.


Thanks guys!


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