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Business Area . does someone has MONEY???

Entertainment Area cost at least 500 Euro for the whole time.

With additional extra costs.

This time it was free, including hardware and games support .

But it was because Aruba Events made this happen.

I like the idea with the IGDA, but we still need money ..


GDC-Europe: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

CMC: Wednesday (Part of GDC-Europe)

Gamescom-Business Area: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Gamescom-Entertainment Area: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Another question is: Do they want us?

I learnt that even the gamer organization are not welcome at the gamescom.

Maybe it is because they do not want to have them or it is because of the

very bad organization.

Best regards,


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The TV coverage was great, obviously very good for awareness in Germany. It
was also very encouraging to hear about the existing European efforts, in
particular Ubisoft Blue Byte starting to specifying accessibility as one of
their quality criteria and carrying out testing with disabled players.

As there's now a precedent for accessibility featuring at Gamescom it would
be fantastic to build on that and move from the congress to the business
area next time. If we managed to swing that then it would mean getting in
front of every studio exhibiting at the event. That's a pretty huge
international audience, most of the major developers and publishers in the
world. Just in case anyone doesn't know - Gamescom is the largest event of
its type, approx. 6 times larger than E3.

It's also an interesting environment to speak to people in. It's all about
marketing, with people deep in the mindset of the big sell and generating
buzz amongst as many potential players as possible, which is a bit of a
different angle to get in on compared to something like Develop or GDC.

It would be good to go under the banner of IGDA as that draws together
several different organisations. In particular if Special Effect are
involved then you're essentially asking the organisers the question "would
you like to help disabled children" - a very difficult question to say no


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> Hello,


> here is a short feedback.


> For the first time and for the conditions it

> was very very very good. We did not have much visitors,

> but the visitors we had were very interested.


> Conditions:

> * Only 4 weeks for preparation

> * Only few people to work on (2)

> * parallel to two other sessions

> * No PR allowance of the BIU, Stadt K?ln, ...

> (I do not know why the last PR Message with information about this room,

> did not get an ok from them :-( )



> We had 5 stations and two external stations.

> Every time we had some visitors I made a small tour through the room.

> I introduced the games and the features of the games. When

> someone had more interest they could look at it after the tour.


> This was good for the visitors. Usually they wanted only to get

> A first impression of the topic.


> We had one visit of media (TV). (Portal 1 and world-of-genesis)


> One nice part is that the two external people did exchange information

> and could learn from each other. They will work together in future events.

> :-)


> I am very glad. It was great for the first time. I got lots of

> support from other people and companies. Thank you very much!

> And special thanks to Ian who helped out.



> When I have more time I will translate our information into English.

> Maybe we can create a package that is easy to use for people who

> Want to show game accessibility but do not have much time. Maybe this

> can also be used in University?



> Best regards,

> Sandra (happy and very tiered)




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