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It’s not necessarily a accessibility issue per se but if a disabled person
wants to play offline & if their disability is severe enough, The gamer must
have assistance with typing in their log in credentials. Because unless I’m
mistaken, some games even in single player, off line mode, still require
logging in with their credentials.

A display that can only show gray colors can impact accessibility if
game-play requires recognition of colors to accomplish game objectives. So,
This is definitely an accessibility issue. In addition to color objective
indicators, Objectives could have text indicators.

A small display can definitely affect gamers with vision impairments. If a
display is too small, glasses or even a magnification overlay, won’t help
much if at all.

A small amount of buttons can definitely affect gamers with certain
disabilities. Also, Button positions can affect game accessibility for those
with impaired hand/finger dexterity and/or impaired coordination.
Reconfigurable button positions would be quite beneficial.

Money IS a part of game accessibility because if a gamer can’t afford
accessible controllers and/or other accessibility equipment, They obviously
can’t game!

Kind regards,


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I would like to know your thoughts about this:
Is this Game Accessibility, too?

* offline modus needs internet connection
* game needs to be registered you need an account

* display can only show gray colors
* display is very small
* hardware has only a small amount of buttons

I am not sure, but did we already say that money is not part of
Game Accessibility? That is another area, but not Game Accessibility.

Best regards,


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