[games_access] IGDA / Special Effect at Gamescom 2012?

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We are in a bit of a stronger position than last time, we have past form with Gamescom now and and also got the TV news coverage which is basically free advertising for GC, they'll have appreciated that.
But anyway about GC / KM being difficult, that's precisely it. So rather than trying to work directly with them to set us up with something for free that they have full control (cancellation power) over, just sidestep them completely and do it the same way as all the other exhibitors do, ie. pay for a commercial stand.
GC certainly can't cancel something that has been paid for through the standard commercial route.. they wouldn't want to anyway, their sole concern is to make the event as profitable as possible, so an extra customer paying for another stall will be music to their ears.
That has a much greater chance of success than asking for something for free, which is in fact (in GC's eyes) making a loss rather than being free as it means one less available place for paid up businesses.
So (presuming there's enough interest from the group in going along) all it needs is money, and a relatively small amount, which is where what influence we have comes into effect, to secure funding via contacts, government sponsorship, fundraising, etc. The Cologne contact you mentioned might be a good bet.

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> Hi,


> maybe the responsible for questions about people with a disability of

> the city cologne can help us?


> I might have partners in mind, but their "hall" is one of the loudest at the

> gamescom ..... And we still are working on a project ...


> By the way it is very very very very very very very ....

> difficult to organize a stand at the gamescom.

> Once they promised a stand for social and community stuff ....

> Some weeks before the event they cancelled it ....



> Why do we not ask the BIU guys and the K?lnmesse ...

> Mh no maybe not. They do not care about accessibility much.

> Also in public facebook discussions .....


> I do prefer the one who is responsible for this topic of the city cologne.

> It can be very useful to get his support. So he can talk to other people

> who do otherwise not listen to us.



> Best regards,

> Sandra



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