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Rating can be very expensive!
And it can become a "have to have".

Also do not forget that companies do need an extra rating for Germany :-(
Rating is already a big big big big big big problem (at least in Germany)


I personally think we need not a "rating" more a "description"
about the requirements of the gamer to be able to play.

Best regards,

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No one is forcing people to get ESRB / PEGI ratings as regards smaller
independent games, so they wouldn't be affected. I'll put my hands up
straight away and say I know very little about the cost implications though
as for getting mainstream games rated. Maybe I'm wrong on that...

So... should that be our big issue for the future? Build an IGDA
GASIG/Neutral New Body ratings system that incorporates all those passionate
individuals and organisations in this field - and see if we have enough
common ground to build something? If so - I think we need to take step one,
and look very hard at our Top 10 wish list for game accessibility, and
decide if it best represents what we'd like to encourage... >From there, an
attainable ratings system could be built I think. I'd love it if that could
happen, and for the bad-feelings that have been close to the surface to be
left behind. Is it possible?


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Barrie Ellis said:

"I'd personally like to see PEGI, the ESRB and other similar organisations
take on game accessibility ratings, tricky as it is."

I have to respond to that!! If you require ESRB or PEGI ratings, it will
completely knock out all the independent game developers who produce
accessible games. We investigated the possibility of having our games rated
- It costs upward of $2000.00 per game - basically regardless of the size of
the game. When you are a small game company that is prohibitive.

I don't know how much (or if) PEGI costs like that, but having a game rated
here in the US is an expensive proposition.

7-128 Software rates all our games as to their accessibility. I don't see
why we, as a SIG, couldn't agree on a rating system and let game developers
know about it and encourage them to use it.

With regard to Educators, that is what we tried to do with our ALERT
project. It is a bit dated at this point, and I had such a hassle trying to
get responses from game companies that I sort of put it on the back burner.

Check it out and see if there is any value to the SIG there - If so, we can
work with it.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software


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