[games_access] Wikipedia article: Game Accessibility

Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 21 07:01:54 EST 2011

Wikipedia article

I'm concerned this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_accessibility
makes no mention of various vectors involved, such as internet, web**,
console, pc etc which have a significant impact on accessibility,
nor my work over many years with people with cognitive impairments.[1]

and in particular http://www.peepo.com hosts XGS which is an
accessible front-end to the Fuego Go game engine that
enables play on mobile and desktop machines through the use of mouse,
keyboard, touchscreen and hands-free input devices.


Jonathan Chetwynd

**The excellence of the W3C/WCAG web accessibility standards is
recognised world-wide, and by this SIG,

[1] I contributed 1998-2004 as an invited expert, and via email, and
have for some years advocated the need for a W3C games group.
During this period dozens of games were produced by, for and with
people with cognitive disabilities and hosted on peepo.com,
in association with Lambeth College and Wandsworth Borough Council,
and funded £150,000 by The Big Lottery.

I also took a representative sample of ~ eight people with learning
disabilities to GDC London most years,
introduced developers to their needs, and raised the issue of an
Accessibility SIG with IGDA annually.
Sony eyeToy was a particular and memorable hit, a year or so before
its public launch.

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