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Fri Jan 21 14:58:21 EST 2011

Hi guys!

Tomorrow is the last day I will be taking information on what time and day
works best for meetings with everyone! I'd love your input!


On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 9:34 AM, Tara Tefertiller <
ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> This week is the last week to give input on what time works best for you

> for SIG meetings before we decide on official times.


> Please be sure to respond as I would love to have as many people as

> possible involved in these meetings.


> Thank you!

> Tara



> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Tara Tefertiller <

> ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org> wrote:


>> Good morning everyone!



>> I hope everyone is having a great New Year! Now, we all make resolutions

>> on how we can improve ourselves- but what can we do to improve the SIG in

>> this new year?The steering committee along with our chair emeritus, have had

>> a discussion and have some great ideas. I wanted to take the time to share

>> these ideas with you, and to get your input on how to best implement them to

>> push the SIG forward.


>> *

>> 1. Starting a topic of the week:*

>> Every week a topic would be offered as the topic of the week. These

>> topics would encourage thoughtful discussion, and even debate on topic's

>> relevant to today's gaming industry. Such as "what are the advantages and

>> disadvantages of the KINECT system" and "what are the advantages,

>> disadvantages, similarities between the new PS3 MOVE system and the Nintendo

>> Wii" for people with disabilities, "what are the benefits and drawbacks to

>> having game accessibility mandated by the government," and more interesting

>> topics.

>> People could express their opinions, share relevant news, and be

>> actively engaging other members of the SIG. If you have suggestions for the

>> topic of the week, please email me off thread so I can present it to the

>> steering committee.Additionally, if these discussions prove to be popular

>> with lots of information being filtered through them, these conversations

>> could be condensed and added to the website - which would boost our content

>> (which we currently have very little of).



>> *2. SIG Meetings:*

>> In the past, the SIG had online meetings where members could engage in

>> discussions with one another- we would love to bring these back. Each

>> meeting would have an agenda, that would be emailed out ahead of time, and

>> at the end a section for new business. Discussions could include short term

>> SIG goals, member updates, details on upcoming events, and more. Meetings

>> could also review the topic of the week. The transcripts from the meetings

>> would be posted on the website on a special meetings page - once again

>> boosting our content. Additionally, it would mean that anyone who missed the

>> meeting would still have access to all of the information discussed.

>> *

>> Questions that need answered about the meetings:*

>> What messenger service would you like to use? Popular

>> suggestions have been Skype and MSN.


>> How often would you like to have these meetings? Suggestions

>> have been every other week or once a month.


>> What day and time would you like the meetings to be? It has

>> been suggested that there is one meeting in the morning for Eastern (New

>> York) time, and one for the evening in New York time to ensure that

>> everyone would be able to attend regardless of their time zones.



>> I'm looking forward to hearing everyone takes on these ideas- and we would

>> love to get these going as soon as possible!



>> Thanks,

>> Tara





Tara Tefertiller - Chairperson
IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

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