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Don't lose heart, yet! We've tried forums in the past in this SIG and it takes a lot to get people to devote time in forum sections -- takes a lot of nurturing. The WIG SIG actually does have a lot of conversation on it's mailing list -- but they are such a large SIG that having more than one area of discussion has worked out well for them.

I personally don't use the WIG SIG forums (or that many forums in general) because it becomes "one more place to check" for messages. (Kind of the opposite argument for the "too much in my email inbox!" excuse people have for not subscribing to listservs)

But I'm definitely hoping that this works out and have "check forums" on my daily "to do" list! :) Tara's got a lot of great ideas for it so I think it really has the potential to become a nice resource for the game developer's community.

Check 'em out everyone! :)


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> Hey everyone,


> Right now we have a great discussion happening in

> the forums, but one of the most active voices in the

> thread isn't even a member or our SIG! Let's step up

> and become active!


> We also have 3 new topics in addition to the topic

> of the week - so please, get involved!


> The goal is to move the general discussion off the

> listserv and onto the forums. I've done some talking

> to non SIG members who seemed interested in

> accessibility but were reluctant to join the SIG.

> When I asked why, they said they didn't want their

> inbox flooded with short emails about accessibility.

> They wouldn't mind one weekly emails about hot

> topics in the forums or using the listserv as news,

> but they were not interested in any community that

> had it's main source of information be via email. A

> great model for how we could work would be something

> like the "Women in Games " SIG. They have a weekly

> update email, but general discussion is for the

> forums.  From my observations, non members wanted

> to be able to take in information on their own time,

> at their own pace. That's why our new site and

> forums are going to become so important!


> They also mentioned that having a place like the

> forums could give developers a place to browse

> through our discussions and pick our brain.


> I've also been talking with an associate producer at

> a small studio here in Orlando who is also an expert

> in community management, and she was one of the

> people who commented on how beneficial a forum could

> be to us, and is going to help me shape  it in the

> coming months. We're going to have some awesome

> pieces coming up that will only be available in the

> forums by guest writers and content experts.


> I hope you'll come check them out.


> Thanks,


> --

> Tara Tefertiller - Chairperson

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> On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Tara Tefertiller

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> Good morning (or afternoon) Everyone!


> It's time for our first weekly topic!!


> "How could we define a minimum accessibility

> standard that is easy to implement for all game

> developers? Compare this with including

> alternative text for all images on a website – a

> technically easy thing to do, if you just remember

> to do it!"


> What are your thoughts? Is it a simple list of

> must haves? Does it vary by game? Are games too

> diverse to have a "one size fits all" type of

> minimum?


> Please go to the forums, register, and post your

> thoughts. Remember, the highlights and conclusion

> of this discussion will be posted on the website

> so it's important that we make these topics a

> worth while read.


> AND YES! We actually do get visitors to the site

> everyday, and so providing  more and more

> meaningful content it a must.


> Thanks everyone!

> --

> Tara Tefertiller - Chairperson

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