[games_access] gamescom congress- Game Accessibility Showcase

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Thu Jul 21 14:15:01 EDT 2011



Room: 60 qm

(Each station has system, monitor, standard control)

1 PC: "Q9" (Audiogame), + AudioViews of other Audiogames
+ some Headsets, + thing to connect some Headsets

1 PC: "My Golf Game"
+ USB Xbox360 Controller
+ One Switch

1 PS3: Half-Life 2
1 Xbox/xbox360: Half-Life 2
1 Wii:

I still have to find out, if it is a XBox or a XBox360.
Do the "Half-Life2" Xbox360 / PS3 also have [CC]?

They said that it should be no problem to get the ok
for "My Golf Game". EA is somehow involved in the congress.

We do not have to care about age rating, because it is only
for adults.

Then I still miss two games.
Wii and Xbox360 or PS3.
Has anyone nice ideas?

Best regards,

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