[games_access] Portal (PC)

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Jul 30 10:48:06 EDT 2011


Maybe we can prepare some information for Games
that are good to present GA Features?

It has lots of features. Maybe it is useful to choose only
the most important?

this is my list:

* Demo can be used, too.
* No internet connection needed to play.

GA Features:
* [CC]
* Pause (time to read subs)
* Control: mouse + keyboard / Keyboard / gamepad
* Remapping
* Configuration of mouse
* Configuration of gamepad
* Control: optional support to jump into the portals.
* Window Mode
* Small Tutorial
* No time limits
* color blind friendly colors ?? (what about yellow-blue-colorblindness)
** I still have to figure out, if the subs can be used for this, too.

Could be better:
* load screen, it is static
* onscreen text is very very small
* manual?
* subs: who is speaking: more than color coding would be nice

Best regards,

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