[games_access] FB Games and Acessibility

Javier Mairena javier.mairena at gmail.com
Tue May 10 07:49:31 EDT 2011

An FB application can be one of these types:
- FBML (or something like that), that is a FB code like html but only to
make FB app webs. This one is rarely use to make games.
- iFrame. That is only a web page inside FB page. Wich almost FB game use.

So, making games on FB is almost the same to do on a web page (talking about

On 10 May 2011 13:31, Sandra Uhling <sandra_uhling at web.de> wrote:

> Hello,


> do we have information about this?

> To be honest, I do not know anything about FB Games.


> I tried one game:

> * does not work with keyboard only

> * does not have focus highlighted

> * does not work without pictures

> * uses animation (no button for "stop animation")

> * does not work without CSS (I am wondering if this test is really useful

> for screenreaders???)


> So my result is that FB Games are totally different from normal webpages

> and

> Accessibility is much much much much complexer. Also we cannot adapt our

> standard

> Web accessibility know how. I am not able to give "easy to realize" tips.


> I had to give the recommendation that the person should care more about his

> normal business and maybe try to get a research project in the future.



> What do you think?


> Best regards,

> Sandra



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