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Unfortunately, no, it isn't. We do, however, have planned to continue
work on Extant (http://creativehero.es/Extant) in the (very) near future.

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On 15-2-2012 18:36, Sandra Uhling wrote:

> Hi,

> is this game accessible for blind gamer?


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> Sandra


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> Hi guys,


> Something slightly game-accessibility related:


> Today Sander and I released Gluddle, an iPad/iPhone game:

> http://www.gluddle.com and http://get.gluddle.com<http://get.gluddle.com>

> . During the design, we've always taken accessibility into account during

> each of our design decisions. The current version that is online now has no

> noticable accessibility options, but accessibility considerations that are

> present are:


> - no color communication: most game objects are spheres and these

> distinguish themselves not only via color/skins, but also behaviour

> (animation and sound).

> - sound alternatives: every important sound event has a visual alternative,

> in the form of particle effects or animations. Unfortunately not all sounds,

> see below.

> - simple game play: sounds simple, but we really wanted to make an original

> game with accessible gameplay mechanics. The game revolves around bouncing

> balls that have to hit a target. What could be simpler? The only difficulty

> is that you have to learn to freeze your balls (called Gluddle) in mid-air,

> which is somewhat counter-intuitive.


> The next couple of things we want to implement are:


> - action captions for sound effects: this is so incredibly easy that I wish

> it was already in there. The only reason it isn't has to do with the

> platform (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) capabilities - it taking too much memory

> during gameplay. So with the rise of new platforms we can add these.

> - one touch controlling / alternative controlling: actually, Gluddle was

> programmed with 5 controlling schemes in mind. These are still present in

> the code. However, we had too little time to implement these further. We

> hope to add these as soon as possible.

> - speed of play: add setting for the speed of play.

> - auto freeze: add option that Gluddle automatically freeze when they hit

> the side of the screen.


> And here's some propaganda:


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njfCT-0jcUc&hd=1

> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njfCT-0jcUc&hd=1>


> And if you like the game, please tell your friends with iDevices :-)


> Greets,


> Richard& Sander


> http://creativehero.es




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