[games_access] IGDA / Special Effect at Gamescom 2012?

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Hi Ian,

Sorry so slow with this... The problem with a trip over to Germany as I see it is the cost for an organisation such as SpecialEffect is if they send two or three people. It's not just the £1000 stand (which is a lot) - it's the travel, accommodation and subsistence. Does mount up to a lot of money very rapidly, that maybe can be used in more cost-effective ways for the moment (would German gamers have much sympathy for supporting a UK based charity I'm wondering, where things like the Loan Library are UK only presently). But.... when/if the cash and time could be found - I agree with you that this could be a great event to support. That's not the official SE line - just my feeling on things.

Brilliant though what you and Sandra pulled off last year.


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Being able to get into Gamescom last year was fantastic, but being in the conference area was obviously quite limiting in terms of who could be reached.

They also have a huge business-to-business area, which Sandra and I were discussing. If we could get in there then it would allow us to get in front of the largest meeting of game developers in Europe.

I had an interesting chat yesterday with a developer who was due to be exhibiting in the B2B area of Gamescom last year. The rate for a stand there is around £2000, and she was able to get half of that cost covered by UKTI, and the other half met my simply sharing a stand with another developer.

Within this list I know that in Europe at least there's Special Effect who are very well practiced at demoing their assistive tech at these kind of events, perhaps a joint venture with stand costs split between SE and IGDA? Once split / funded etc it wouldn't be a great deal of money to get together (if anything at all, the combination of SE's charity status and IGDA's past history with Gamescom might even allow us to get in there for free), and it would be a fantastic opportunity to spread some awareness throughout the industry. Even just something as simple as handouts with the existing wishlists (or formal standards if they're around by then) would be exactly what developers are crying out for.

Any thoughts?



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