[games_access] to germans on list / gamescom

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Tue Jul 17 14:33:09 EDT 2012


Bad news:
the event in Berlin is cancelled because "Game Accessibility"
it not important enough. It seems that there was resistance
for this topic.

That is odd. Games are used at work. Recruitment, Education, ....
Online Games develop the future of the web ...
The G.A.M.E. has a working group for Serious Games ...

Good news:
Maybe WDR (TV or Radio) will make report. I sent my
document to the guy who will make a concept for the WDR.
When we have a concept I will write what we need.
I proposed to make an objective report to show both sides
and sensibilise for both sides.

The gamescom congress will be two days.
It is the same organization like last year.
Anyone interested to do something? We can use
the same concept like last year. But I am not sure
If I will be there.

Best regards,

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