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That Boccia game's already on the list, but thanks Ian, and fully agree with your points. It's certainly the most fun of the bunch. You can play it using an on-screen keyboard, and I know at least one-switch gamer that really likes it (even though it doesn't have a one-switch mode - they play with support).

Would love to see the wheelchair rugby taken to the next level. I can imagine an alternate parallel universe with SEGA Virtua Wheelchair Rugby in arcades. Recon that would be a lot of fun to play.


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Bugger, I pasted in the wrong address. Here's the correct address for boccia, another one for your list Barrie:


So like I was saying a couple of near misses that would have made it much more accessible for people with motor impairments (controls would have been perfectly suited to one/two button options, can only currently access the map zoom using a mouse, etc), but in general though good level of accessibility, play tested with disabled participants and enjoyed by the real life team GB paralympic boccia team.

Most importantly it's a good game, out of the three they've launched so far (boccia, rugby & football) it's easily both the most fun and the most accessible.

It also means a prolific games studio (preloaded) who now have a greater base of accessibility knowledge to build on, not many out there who have met a disabled person let alone worked with a paralympic team, so hopefully they'll be able to carry some of it forward onto other games.


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> What was the event in Berlin?


> Saw a great presentation on another game that C4 produced for the Paralympics - Boccia.


> http://paralympics.channel4.com/Sainsburys/blindfootball/


> Not perfect by any means, a couple of painful near misses, but they used the winning combination of guidelines, expert advice and testing with players with a range of disabilities so they've gotten to a pretty good level of accessibility.


> Ian



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