[games_access] Fw: Does This Font Truly Help Dyslexic Readers to Read? (Barrie Ellis)

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Absolutely, which is a shame as OpenDyslexia is so far below par both as a readable font and a font in general, the aesthetics alone (see attempt to add tail onto the 'q') will be enough to make many people unconditionally rule it out.. it's hard enough to get art directors to even relent to a reasonably legible font, let alone something like OD.
On the plus side though, a little progress, I've been in touch with them all with two results. OpenDyslexia are going to be using that FS Me video as a reference to improve the fundamentals of their own typography, and FS Me are going to be looking more into getting theirs included at a product/manufacturer level, removing the prohibitive cost from the equation.


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> Nice one, Ian. Although the cost will prove prohibitive for some indies, making OpenDyslexic the one to try (and maybe the one to adapt).


> Barrie



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