[games_access] Looking for Feedback regarding a Game Engine For Accessible Games

Franco Eusébio Garcia franco.garcia at dc.ufscar.br
Sun Apr 6 17:29:56 EDT 2014

> Welcome to the SIG, Franco! I hope that your project is extremely

> successful and that others as well, like Steve already has, can

> comment and help where needed! Sounds like you are off to a great

> start! :)

Thank you, Michelle!
Hopefully we will be able to enable more kids to play enjoy games -
alone and with their friends or family!

> This is related to my research interest so I find this very

> interesting. It is related to http://gameaccessibilitycode.com I

> will look into your presentations during the week and give some

> better feedback.

Thank you, Thomas!
It is really nice you have a repository for ready to use accessible features.
Hopefully it will grown into a full accessibility API.

Should you wish to view my source code, the repository is available
at: <https://github.com/francogarcia/uge>.
Just be warned it is proof of concept.

The full documentation (Developer's Guide) is currently incomplete. It
is available at the 'doc' directory (direct link:

As I have said in the first message, my demos are very raw and
currently not accessible to the profiles.
However, they show the potential of the approach.
For instance, if you check the commit history on April 2, it is
possible to note how little the code changes to add a new profile. If
I re-factor the code using a factory, it will be even less.
For a truly accessible it would be larger; however, the game logic
would not change.

I should had created a repository to show the differences in the
profiles as well.
To see what changed, check Section 7.2 of the Developer's Guide. This
guide describes an step by step way to use UGE to create a game.
For the run-time tailoring part, refer to Section 7.2.8.
The XML resources describe what components or events should be
attached or enabled to the profile.

Thanks everyone!
Kind regards,

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