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If you can give them a succinct list of tweaks that would help, as would having some other voices alongside yours in the request. Applevis would be a very good source of people for that.

In short, you'll have better chances if you can demonstrate that the changes are simple to make and aren't just for your benefit alone. They won't have a large team, and will have to choose carefully which features they should or shouldn't work on, as everything is always at the cost of something else.

On the plus side you've got a better chance than with most games, as web / Android / iOS are all already pretty much there already, it's just a case of a few last tweaks.

If they aren't up for it then there are a couple of alternative screenreader accessible management games available, but obviously it would be better if you didn't have to lose your progress and if they didn't have to lose loyal customers.


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Hello all

My name is David and I am currently active on a football management game
(OSM) owned by Gamebasics based in the Netherlands.

Recently, the company removed the mobile version without implementing
changes to the other platforms enabling screen reader users like myself to
continue independently. I was offered a refund on my remaining tickets and
advised that if accepted, the issue of accessibility could no longer be
discussed as I have previously proposed changes to the full site. The
company also advised that changes to their app would be given consideration
to making it compatible with Apple's Voice Over. However, no time frame was

I would like to add that a former moderator was extremely helpful when he
wrote a formations guide to help people with a visual impairment to
understand how the formations are organised and has since been included in
the osm Guide in the Help forum albeit the user is required to access Google
docs. However, this now seems irrelevant as it's no longer possible to
select team line up, set formations and tactics and other tasks without
sighted assistance.

OSM is a text based football management game with match simulations
occurring daily at different times on various servers.

Any help would be much appreciated although I am considering retiring from
the game shortly as I don't want to rely on my teenage sons to perform daily
tasks albeit taking approx. one minute.



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