[games_access] Game Accessibility information for exhibitions/museums

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Wed Jun 11 02:49:30 EDT 2014



as interest in accessibility increase, more information is needed.

It could be useful to have prepared - easy to understand - information,

that can be used in exhibitions and museums.


What is Game Accessibility?

What kind of barriers should be considered?

What kind of solutions exists?

Get a feeling and understanding of facing barriers.



An additional concept for a Show Case can be very useful.






In Germany it will be more difficult. We cannot use

Half-Life 2 because of age rating. ALso for terrestrial invaders

we have to get special allowances because it does not have a rating.



For subtitles I suggest to use Portal 2. We can refer to the history of

Half-Life 2 and show the results (with increased quality) with Portal 2.


For the gamescom congress showcase I made one station where the 

visitors can look for barriers and think about solutions. I used Kinect

Adventures. But this works only on places where people have time ;-)


In general Game Over and Terrestrial Invaders are very useful.

It is important to use also simulation glasses for vision impairment.




We use one central online documents to collect ideas and prepare 

some information that can be used.


What kind of categories exists and what games can be used to show it.

With prepared information cards that can be printed and used.

What additional information can be nice (e.g. UNICEF information about UN



After this we could try to get information from the industry.

For example accessibility contact emails, feedback systems, ...







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