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I think it's more likely to be due to CVAA, which requires subtitling for pre-recorded video, meaning they'll have put it in specifically for video apps, DVDs etc. What surprised me though was how much fine detailed customisation there is, and how the customisation is almost identical between the two consoles:

I don't know enough about VOD, but perhaps that level of customisation is standard amongst some of their competitors in that market? I know Hulu's are pretty basic, but Netflix offer the same kind of options:
So with the system preference being available to game developers on the 360/XB1, I assume that's a similar situation to the colourblind simulator in Unreal - a lone MS developer thinking they may as well allow wider access to the settings, but it not being part of the bigger roadmap so not publicised to devs.
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Hi Ian,
Regarding captioning; a guess is that Valve’s long-time support for [CC] have played an important part. Especially with Valve's move to both Linux and Steam Machine, I think MS and Sony feel they have to do the same for their respective platforms. 

6Nov 2014 kl. 10:10 skrev Ian Hamilton <i_h at hotmail.com>:Take the one real accessibility consideration that they've made so far, highly detailed customisation of how subtitles/captions are displayed (for PS3/4 it affects videos only, for XB360/1 the settings are actually available for game devs to access, although no dev has ever used them). That's quite an unusual thing to have implemented given the general lack of accessibility everywhere else. 
I'm not sure which console did it first, but as even the fine details of the feature are pretty much identical across both PS and XB, one clearly copied the other.

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