[games_access] Deaf-Blind Computer Games: Braille or Morse - food for thought

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Wed Sep 17 08:14:05 EDT 2014

Does anyone out there have any knowledge of any deaf-blind computer games
that exist and/or methods to play?

I'm aware of Morse Code based data-entry systems for switch / sip-puff
users. I'm aware of modern day braille output for computers. I've heard of
Morse buzzers so people can feel messages coming through.

I'm not aware of any examples of people actually playing computer games who
are deaf-blind (I'm thinking almost no sight, and almost no hearing).

It seems text based adventure games would be quite possible. But do people
actually do this.

It seems grid based games that are tactile could be played over the
internet, using braille+keyboard or morse entry and morse buzzer...
Probably lots of other methods too.... Things like whack-a-mole seem

You could even have hybrid action + text games (obvious survival horror
thought.... describe an environment.... you can hear foot-steps.....
prepare to defend yourself...... - then recreate the foot steps in gentle
buzzes that get a bit louder... when you hear a panic buzz - mash your
button to fend off the attacker)... then go back to text description and
maybe an interface as simple as one tap for yes, two taps for no or braille
for yes/no. Here's some weird-stuff slightly related:

Being less obvious, you could recreate anything in a text adventure with
action / randomising elements, a bit like Regret of the Wind for

Any idea if any of this has ever taken place/takes place today?

Seems like a logical progression for some of Eelke's V.I. work, maybe?
Maybe with hybrid display for those who have partial sight (and could aid
in the learning of braille / morse)....

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