[games_access] Deaf-Blind Computer Games: Braille or Morse - food for thought

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Wed Sep 17 10:08:02 EDT 2014

Thanks for that info. Potentially very cool. Seems a good fit with this
kind of stuff too:
 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZplTj8th0bE

It had me wondering if anyone plays a game in binary one-switch style.
Morse input, and morse output. Would be fascinating to find out.

I dropped Sense a line too prior to your message. They'll get two in one
day. I wonder what they'll make of it. :)


On 17 September 2014 14:32, Ian Hamilton <i_h at hotmail.com> wrote:

> One that I know of that has been designed with that in mind is sightlence:
> http://sightlence.com/
> That has been played by profoundly deaf-blind adults and children . The
> adults he tested with had never played a game before, I don't know whether
> the children had. I'm not sure if Mathias Nordvall is on the mailing list
> or not but he'd be able to give some more information.
> If anyone reading isn't familiar with what Barrie means by braille output,
> this what braille displays look like:
> http://www.blinksoftinc.com/Products/Refreshable-Braille/Brailliant_in_use.jpg
> There is a game that has been made specifically for braille displays, a
> version of Tetris where you can feel the objects moving down the display:
> http://www.audiogames.net/db.php?action=view&id=Dotris
> Braille displays work with screenreaders, the text is just output to the
> pins instead of to speech synthesis. But reading speed is far slower than
> audio screenreaders. So there are a fair few screenreader compatible games
> that are suitable for people who are deafblind, but anything involving
> dynamic notifications etc is probably out.
> As far as how many people with very little vision/hearing actually do that
> or not I don't know, I've dropped Sense a line though, they should have an
> idea.
> Ian
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> Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:14:05 +0100
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> Subject: [games_access] Deaf-Blind Computer Games: Braille or Morse - food
> for thought
> Does anyone out there have any knowledge of any deaf-blind computer games
> that exist and/or methods to play?
> I'm aware of Morse Code based data-entry systems for switch / sip-puff
> users. I'm aware of modern day braille output for computers. I've heard of
> Morse buzzers so people can feel messages coming through.
> I'm not aware of any examples of people actually playing computer games
> who are deaf-blind (I'm thinking almost no sight, and almost no hearing).
> It seems text based adventure games would be quite possible. But do people
> actually do this.
> It seems grid based games that are tactile could be played over the
> internet, using braille+keyboard or morse entry and morse buzzer...
> Probably lots of other methods too.... Things like whack-a-mole seem
> plausible.
> You could even have hybrid action + text games (obvious survival horror
> thought.... describe an environment.... you can hear foot-steps.....
> prepare to defend yourself...... - then recreate the foot steps in gentle
> buzzes that get a bit louder... when you hear a panic buzz - mash your
> button to fend off the attacker)... then go back to text description and
> maybe an interface as simple as one tap for yes, two taps for no or braille
> for yes/no. Here's some weird-stuff slightly related:
> http://www.enigmaresearchgroup.com/article023.htm
> Being less obvious, you could recreate anything in a text adventure with
> action / randomising elements, a bit like Regret of the Wind for
> Dreamcast/Saturn.
> Any idea if any of this has ever taken place/takes place today?
> Seems like a logical progression for some of Eelke's V.I. work, maybe?
> Maybe with hybrid display for those who have partial sight (and could aid
> in the learning of braille / morse)....
> Barrie
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