[games_access] Deaf-Blind Computer Games: Braille or Morse - food for thought

Mathias Nordvall mathias.nordvall at liu.se
Mon Sep 22 00:22:35 EDT 2014


My current plan is to have Sightlence available for download at some point
during October so it should be out soon!

Probably at a "pay what you want" price so no one feels it's too expensive
for them. Will probably go up on a suitable platform that's out there and
open enough that it's easy to get the game on there but I need to look into
that since I haven't published any game before.


> Love the concept of Sightlence. Love the Morse to navigate the web, Thomas.
> Superb stuff.
> Obvious question: How can these be made available to developers/users?
> Barrie
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