[games_access] Who will attend GDC 2016?

Eleanor eleanor at 7128.com
Tue Dec 15 10:52:22 EST 2015

Unfortunately, nobody from 7-128 Software will be able to get to GDC 
because of cost.

Thomas Westin gave a really good list of ways to look at the cost but 
there is one gamer demographic that everyone is failing to consider in 
the accessibility area; Silver Gamers.  While in 2000, most over 65+ 
people did not play games, today, fifteen years later, the number of 
gamers has increased significantly.  In a talk I gave this fall, I 
estimated from ESA and census data, that 42 million people in the US are 
over 55 years old and are gamers.  Seventy-five percent of 65+ own a 
mobile device and go on line.  Remember, computer gaming started in the 
1970's and people in their 60's were in their 30's at that time, young 
enough to explore computer and console gaming.  They also played games 
with their kids in the 1980's when all the current genre's of games 

If you take into consideration that 51.8% of seniors have one or more 
disabilities:  they can't see very well; they have hearing loss; their 
reflexes are much slower than that of a 20 year old; they have reduced 
movement capabilities as a result of accidents, arthritis and other 
joint disease; and they may have some mental confusion or loss of 
ability.  Planning in accessibility features will add a tremendous 
number of potential customers.  This age cohort should be included in 
any calculation of cost-effectiveness in adding accessibility to games. 
Plus as empty nesters, they have more available time and money.

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