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In my experience, if you want to influence change on a corporate-cultural
level and get people thinking and building games, in this case, with
accessibility firmly in mind, upfront and early in the design process, by
far the most efficient and long-term impactful way to do it is to focus on
money and build a compelling business case for companies to care about
tapping into all those un-enfranchised people out there.


It's a question of quantifying cost vs. potential benefits.  Money is the
language CEOs speak and my background of having worked extensively in both
convinces me that it's the leadership teams of the big publishing houses and
development studios that invariably set the company vision and the tone as
regards the inclusiveness and accessibility of their products.


Nail the business case before anything else and the development teams will
fall into line - resulting in a trickle-down effect through the first and
third-party studios.


Given the small and increasingly homogenous nature of the industry there are
probably only a dozen or so people we need to focus on influencing, and this
could (and is) probably best achieved via a small summit where we pitch our
case, state our desired outcomes and seek long-term buy-in.


So, to summarise -


1.       Build a compelling business case

2.       Approach leaders and arrange a summit

3.       State desired outcomes and seek buy-in


Short-to-medium term, that would be my approach.  Longer-term goals should
be centred on formalising a commitment to accessibility throughout industry
via universal 'Accessibility Ratings' on all games in the same way we
age-rate titles before release to market.





Kiernan Sleep | EMEA Test Lead | GTE Europe


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and Wales whose registered office is at Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley
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