[games_access] FTTT and Trello & Re: New Co-Chair

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 09:49:05 EDT 2015

Re: New Co-Chair:
First of all congratulations Dan, I am pretty sure with your passion in
this area and desire to learn you will do a great job!

Re: FTTT and Trello:
I wouldn't really call it accessibility, rather it makes stuff just easier,
since it still doesn't allow you as visual impaired individual really to
organize your card and such, which is the essential benefit of trello. Drag
& Drop as you need, edit labels, edit members, etc.

The FTTT stuff seems to be quite limited and only to ease the process of
very very specific actions, i.e. if you use twitter extremely often and
want it more organized, you link it there with Trello.

It may be a step in the right direction, but definitely still far away from
a true solution.


Andreas Lopez
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