[games_access] Game Accessibility Guidelines - Breakdown per Genre

Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 08:19:48 EDT 2015

Hey Dan,

I was actually first making sure with Ian that indeed the various in-depth
articles ARE posts. Then I was just gonna slap a plugin in there to filter
after Accessibility-Use (Vision, Hearing, Motoric, etc.) and Genre (Racing,
Shooter, RPG, etc.). Optional, if possible, also after the level of
difficulty of integration (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced, etc.) but that
is really really minor and totally optional.

Furthermore. We need to add paragraphs or sections to include text to
emphasize especially how it works for this genre. After all we need to
deliver examples as well. Such as specific screenshots/videos and
explanation of why this should or even has to work like this and not
different, or why it works for that genre like this and not for other

Spontaneously an example would be 'auto accelerate' it makes sense and
works in a Racing game (see Forza 4 or 5, not sure which it was where they
built a switch-control for it), but why it would not work in an Athlete
game like Track and Field (since it's the core of the mechanic to make your
guy run by slamming 2 buttons very fast)

So the content will be more of a challenge than including the filters.


Andreas Lopez
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