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Andreas Lopez andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 09:22:58 EDT 2015

Hi Thomas,

you are of course right that we should keep it as simple as possible, as
for trello's accessibility, I will ask my wife who uses JAWS for her
computer to give it a test run.

As for the updating of websites, it would be good to have one administrator
and then simply decide together or have a group of volunteers of us who
decide together what will be added, on the language, etc. It is obvious
that all of us together at the same time can't decide on what should be how
written. So the best would be to have an Editor-in-chief who does the
general writing, whereas 2-4 people decide on WHAT should be added.

We would obviously also have someone in that group who is on top of new
things coming out. My personal recommendation would be Ian, who seems to be
always on the newest things. Basically that person would just tell the
Editor "Hey this thing over here is new, please post something about it on
the website." or "The IGDA had activity over here, ask X, Y and Z about
what had been going on so we can post the event on our website." and so on.

Obviously this can be also done collaborative, but it would be simply more
effective when a small group does it together. For social media, I suggest
1 or 2 individuals to take care of all channels, there is a reason why
companies usually hire a community manager, while we are a non-profit I
think having someone just cover 1 hour a day would be more than enough.
Posting updates from websites, perhaps some results of our discussions here
and interact with different individuals who post and comment on those

Regards the question if to use Trello or not: While I understand that
nobody really wants an additional account on another service, I still see
it as a way how to keep track of our achievements and what we still want to
reach. That said: Do we have any place at the moment where we have an exact
list and rough plan how we want to achieve certain goals? And I mean
specific goals not just our mission. I.E. 'Awareness & Education' would be
a mission,  but 'Having 1000 visitors on our website' would be a goal that
is built on the mission.


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