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Has anyone looked into the results of the disability questions? 
There's only data for two years at the moment but that points to a general upwards trend, in 2005 13% of developers said they had some kind of disability, in 2014 it was 17.5%.
It's a shame that those figures don't always translate into improved accessibility. Although there are plenty of developers with disabilities who are also advocates, I've heard of others who either aren't aware that there's anything that can be done in games regarding their particular impairment, or who are aware but don't want to speak up in case they're seen as being one selfish individual demanding changes for their own personal needs.
So that should be another benefit of of greater general awareness - individual developers becoming more aware that accessibility relates to them and feeling more comfortable speaking up about it. 
There was one nice story that I know of along those lines, a deaf developer who had spent his career not wanting to speak up, but from being asked to contribute to accessibility guidelines he saw that it was a wider thing, and has since felt comfortable pushing for accessibility himself.
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those of you on this list who are developing/producing games, or knows someone who does,- please read on
Best regardsThomas

Dear Thomas,
	We're writing to ask your help in participating in a large-scale study that we hope will have a significant impact on the game industry.
	Recently, a team of producers from the IGDA Production SIG came together to create a unique new study on teamwork and culture in the game industry.  The Game Outcomes Project is a first-of-its-kind experiment to statistically evaluate game development efforts across hundreds of game teams and generate insights as to how teamwork, culture, leadership, and production practices contribute to the success or failure of game development projects.
	Please help them out by taking the survey here --- >> https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FDGPLL5 <<
	Currently, there's very little data available on an industry-wide basis as to how factors such as crunch/overtime, production methodologies, or team size impact the success or failure of projects in the game industry.  With your help, the Game Outcomes Project team hopes to gain insights at to what factors produce the greatest risks in game development, what best practices development teams can follow to better manage the risks they face, and what development teams can do to enhance their effectiveness.
	Please help spread the word!  Our goal is 1000 responses, and every response counts.
	Share the survey with your colleagues, and follow the Game Outcomes Project on Twitter at @GameOutcomes.
	This study was designed by an independent team of game developers, including several from the Production SIG of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and an advisor from the Wharton School of Business. The Game Outcomes Project is not affiliated with the annual IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey or any other survey or organization.
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