[games_access] Trello Feedback for Blind (by Yairelys Lopez)

Thomas Westin thomas at westin.nu
Wed Mar 25 16:12:03 EDT 2015

Thanks Andreas,

I think this info should also be sent to Trello so maybe they can address the issues?

Best regards,

25Mar 2015 kl. 19:33 skrev Andreas Lopez <andreas.lopez93 at gmail.com>:

> "Ok, so I went over and gave trello a try. Here’s what I found:
> Right from the start, a lot of the menus were not being read by Jaws. I only got back that annoying tone of “?” This left me guessing and trying a lot of things at random. The only menu that was properly read was the welcome board menu; create organization, levels, card filter, stickers and power-ups.
> When I went to make the board/lists, all went well till I had to add cards. It’s a drag and drop, so I could not find a way to get around that and was not able to add any cards to the lists. I was able to add the filters and the labels, but that was about it. If it wasn’t for the add card feature/graphics, I would say it’s a great tool. For blind people I would not recommend it, for those with low vision, it is possible they can find a way to maneuver it, especially because the color blind friendly labels are going to be a huge help."
> - Yairelys Lopez
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